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Visuel Concepts to Widen Operations With a Pred8tor Grand Format Printer

Visuel Concepts based in Ivory Coast, Africa has invested in a Pred8tor grand format printer, which was bought from Gandy Digital. Visuel Concepts, which is owned by Mounir Younes is a digital printer company that specializes in outdoor billboard ads, neon sign, digital printing and advertising decoration. The deal was signed recently at the SGI 2013 held in Dubai. 

Pred8tor is a UV flatbed printer with roll to roll option. The machine can print ultra high resolution photographic quality with layered printing and the new optional 8 colour configuration of C, M, Y, K, LtC, and LtM, white and clear.

“We have already sold 50 printers across the globe, five of them in the Middle East. The quality of our machines is better than any other printers. Our printer can offer high quality with top speed. While others are scrambling to offer high quality we are actually delivering it. We are offering two models. One is 3 meter wide and the other one is 2.4. For us SGI is where we can meet with our most important customers. We book appointment with them here,” comments Harry Gandy, Gandy Digital’s global director and adds, “Many components of our printers are made in US and the final assembly is done in our factory in Toronto, Canada. The US market has been very good for us. It’s coming out of the recession and printers are willing to invest in new equipment. In US people are willing to pay for quality however Asian markets are very price sensitive.”

According to him, one of the major innovations in Pred8tor is its graphical User Interface. Operation of the Pred8tor is made simple with the use of Gandy Digital’s own touch and drag GUI that runs on an iPad. It provides perfect ease of use of the Pred8tor and turns it into a true mobile operation device enabling to step and repeat, rotate, delete ripped images, create jobs and more.


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