Varnish finishingvariety on carton board – Algro Design Card

The new edition of the photo wall calendar from Actega Terra reflects a variety of varnish finishing on the bright white Algro Design Card carton board from Sappi. The theme of this year’s calendar ‘Cultures’ includes photographs that focus on people, their habits, everyday activities, their lives.

The calendar uses combinations of matt, gloss and high gloss varnishes, drip off systems and pearlescent gloss applications. The finishing techniques also include metallic, sensory and screen printing effects. A breakthrough feature is the use of a highly reactive UV gloss varnish for LED UV applications with LED UV inks for the month of October image depicting a couple dressed in national costume in front of an alpine panorama. The decision as to which varnish effects were used was based heavily on the statement the image was intended to make.

Each month highlights a different finishing technique. The individual month pages were printed and finished in offset – except for the use of screen printing on the August calendar page – on a KBA Rapida 105 PRO. On the white surface of Algro Design Card 235 g/m2, all carefully selected varnish finishes are highlighted.

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