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Unified Guide For Outdoor Advertisements

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the Dubai Municipality have finalized a unified guideline for outdoor advertisements. The guideline addresses the standards and conditions to be maintained for external promotions in Dubai and is currently available for individuals and companies at the customer service centers at RTA and the Dubai municipality. 

Engineer Maitha Bin Adi, CEO of Dubai Traffic and Roads Corporation at RTA said, “The guidelines were possible due to the joint and tireless efforts of the preparatory team at RTA and the municipality. The preparatory team did a comparison of the advertisement procedures carried out in 20 different countries and did a detailed study on earlier adopted practices. The team could verify the tremendous leap that Dubai made in the advertisement field, both in terms of quality and quantity, in the recent years.”

She also pointed out that the preparatory team will be meeting on a regular basis to review and update the guidelines in order to maintain the best international standards in this field.

“The guidelines are distinguishable for its smoothness, clarity and uncomplicated procedures. It aims at unifying visions and technical procedures concerned with outdoor advertisement stipulations put forward by different authorization entities. The guidelines target advertising companies, new investors, foreign companies and agencies, employees as well as foreign delegations and municipalities,” Bin Adi explained.

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