Toyo Ink Group to Exhibit New Films for Electronics Field at Film Tech Japan

At this year’s Film Tech, the Toyo Ink Group will showcase an updated lineup of hard coatings and adhesive tapes for the electronics industry at the 6th Film Tech Japan from April 8 – 10, 2015, at the Tokyo Big Sight. 

Film Tech Japan is the largest exhibition in the world featuring various film-related technologies, ranging from high-functional film formation to processing, and completed film products.

Other featured product lineups include Toyo Ink’s Lioduras™ series of functional hard coat agents for various uses such as touch panels, displays and building materials. The LIOELM™ series of high-functional films is also applicable to a wide range of fields such as carrier or masking tapes for electronic components, electromagnetic shielding films among others.

In addition, Toyochem’s protective hard coat films for touch panels, depolarizing optically clear adhesive (OCA) films, molding films, anti-noise tapes and acid-free double-faced tapes will be on display.

The Toyo Ink Group has established three business domains—Life Science, Communication Science and Sustainability Science—with the aim of evolving into a “science company” as outlined in its current SCC-III mid-term management plan.

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