The US$20 Billion Digital Signage Industry

International Expo Consults (IEC), part of Falak Holding stated that Dubai will play an integral role within the US$20 billion digital signage industry. This is due to the state of the malls that are being developed in the Emirate. The company also stated that the digital signage avenues have witnessed a rapid growth surge in the region. As per a new study conducted by Grand View Research Inc, the global digital signage market is also expected to touch $20.03 billion by 2020. SGI Dubai 2015 also witnessed several innovative digital signage products on display, for both outdoor and indoor deployment.

“Due to the infrastructure expansion initiatives by the government, the digital signage industry is set to witness an upsurge in investment by the year 2020. Old equipment is slowly and steadily being phased out to usher in new technology. This growth translates into large scale opportunities for printers, raw material suppliers and print equipment suppliers.”

“Growing demand from industries such as retail and healthcare is expected to drive the local and regional market in the coming years,” said Mr.Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, Chairman of IEC.

“Digital signage is considered to be more strategically beneficial in the market in comparison to static signage as the content which updates more often can be digitally updated. Apart from that, digital signage has the capacity to be compatible with image capturing devices, imbedded touch screen and motion detection devices. The extensive utilisation across a vast gamut of industrial sectors as an efficient platform for interactive advertising and curtailed costs of installation, maintenance and purchase also predicts in the spiral growth and future of the signage market,” said Mr. Sharif Rahman, CEO, IEC.

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