The SME Demand for Security Printing Solutions is on the Rise

Ali Al-Salihi, the Technical Manager for META Region at OKI, speaks about the opportunities present in the regional security printing solutions market 

What type of Security Printing Solutions does OKI offer on the market?
OKI offers an Encrypted Security Printing solution that allows users to send, store and print their documents securely. All print jobs are encrypted immediately before transmission to the printer, where they are stored in an encrypted format on the storage device. The document will remain stored safely and will not be printed until an authorized user is authenticated to the printer.

What sort of market have you seen for Security Printing Solutions in the Middle East and Africa market?
In the past, there were many software developer’s companies that have been evolving print management solutions software, however these days with the increased demand on the security printing, all print management software’s are developed by the printer manufacturer itself.

Apart from government agencies, who are the major investors in Security Printing Solutions?
Security printing solutions is mainly required by large enterprises, however, lately the demand by SME’s is also rising, as they are also concerned about Security Printing.

Are there any challenges involved with selling Security Printing Solutions?
Investment in print security can prevent data breaches, it is common responsibility to have a vendor and a customer who work to accept, mitigate and prevent cyber-attack and data breaches, finding that customer is the only available challenge. The implementation is straightforward with OKI’s printers as we have several ways to authenticate the users to the printer.

How can your partners overcome these challenges and sell Security Printing Solutions better?
The main focus is the end user, they should take secure printing seriously, that’s why OKI and its partners are always in the process educating and alerting customers of the consequence and the harm caused by using non-secure print environment.

What opportunities are present in the Security Printing Solutions arena?
There are many opportunities in the market, such as open space offices, Banking, HR, and many more vertical segments that requires high security printing level.

How can companies tackle illegal products in the Security Printing Solutions area?
We have seen thousands of unprotected printers exposed to threats specially in an environment with internet access. Raising the awareness and implementing a security printing solution is the key to tackle this kind of poor security environment.

What according to you is the forecast for Security Printing Solutions for say, the next 5 years?
We are expecting huge demand in having a secure print solution to be a must for each printer/entity.

What are the drivers for the increased demand for Security Printing Solutions?
Data Breaches and loss of data are the main drivers.

Any other info you would like to add?
OKI’s portfolio of smart MFP’s features a range of advanced security controls. These includes authentication methods and tools to control access to confidential and sensitive information, with permission based access to protect business, users, customers’ data and help ensure document confidentiality.

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