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The Physical is Back

We all kind of missed the physical exhibitions where we could stroll down the aisles of halls and watch the finest printing technology and hear the roaring sound of machines.

Conversely, online exhibitions have their downsides. they cannot offer all the benefits of viewing technology in action. images on a screen do not provide the same impact as equipment viewed in person. The video images do not pack the same punch as viewing a machine face-to-face. Multiple physical exhibitions have already been held in China, including the very popular China Print and Sinocorrugated.

In our region a number of events such as Gulf Print and Sign and Graphic imaging is expected to happen on 2021 and January 2022. However, there is a snag, while we may gradually see a return to live events in coming months of this year, they will hardly be the same as before. Although face-to-face events and travel might be on pause right now, it is still important for brands and destinations to maintain their relationships with customers and provide something of value to them. This will mean that when business does begin to return to normal you will be able to hit the ground running. Meanwhile virtual events proved that they too can be a beneficial tool to send the message across. Many companies including Heidelberg and Koenig and Bauer introduced their new machines during their recent virtual events. Digital exhibitions, like traditional physical exhibitions, must be carefully designed to convey as much information to the viewer about the equipment as possible.

There is a myriad of variables that affect this transfer of information that companies must take into account when creating an exhibition, and countless more when using an online or other digital format. So, we are now living in a different world where the old rules do not apply. We now have to adapt our lives to a hybrid reality; hence on line and physical. It seems that the exhibitions have already achieved this.

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