HELL Introduces PremiumSetter D2000 Plate on Demand Solution

Printing form production just got a major upgrade with the introduction of the HELL PremiumSetter D2000. This cutting-edge large-format laser engraving system is designed specifically for direct laser engraving of elastomer printing forms, catering to dry offset, letterpress, flexographic printing, and coating plates. With the ability to also image digital photopolymer printing forms (LAMS), the D2000 is a versatile powerhouse in the printing industry. What sets it apart is its hybrid version, which can engrave both plates and sleeves, offering unparalleled flexibility to printing professionals.

HELL Gravure Systems GmbH & Co. KG, based in Kiel, Germany, has engineered the D2000 to embody their commitment to innovation and excellence. Here’s what makes the D2000 stand out:

PremiumSetter D2000

“Advanced Technology for Superior Results the D2000 leverages PremiumSetter technology, ensuring high-quality results with every engraving. With resolutions of up to 5080 dpi and controllable three-dimensional relief formation, the D2000 delivers engravings in stunning HD quality, meeting the most demanding industry standards.” Comments Jan Leonhardt, Hell’s International Sales Manager.

Efficiency Redefined Equipped with a two-stage process of engraving and washing, the D2000 ensures rapid availability of printing forms while maintaining a long service life. Plate handling is simplified with features like an integrated loading table, clamping bar function, and foot switch operation, making it exceptionally user-friendly, even for large printing plates. Similarly, sleeve handling is made effortless with a one-sided bearing and pivot device, ensuring smooth operation for round printing forms.

PremiumSetter D2000 Samples

Versatile Functionality the D2000 offers a range of functions to enhance productivity and ease of use, including PremiumProfiler for 3D definition of screen dots, Undercut for controlled undercut of printing elements, and OnlineEngine for digital socking of 3D engraving data on-the-fly. Other features like Jobticket Station, OneButton Engraving, Platemaster, Sequence engraving, MultiPass, FastForward, Brushing, and Engraving status display further streamline the engraving process, maximizing efficiency.

Configurations to Suit Every Need Available in three configurations, the D2000 caters to the diverse requirements of printing professionals, ensuring that each setup is tailored to specific production needs.

A Unified Solution the D2000 is part of the “Plate on demand” initiative, a collaboration between Heliograph Holding’s group of companies, including Kaspar Graphic Solutions and Glunz & Jensen. This all-in-one solution for flexographic printing streamlines printing form production like never before, offering simple, rapid, space-saving, and standardized production processes.

HELL Gravure Systems GmbH & Co. KG will participate in drupa, Hall no.3 stand A91.

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