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Fujifilm to Highlight New Jet Press 750S High Speed Model

Following the announcement of the new Jet Press 750S High Speed Model at virtual.drupa 2021, Fujifilm will host the first live demonstration of the machine in action on 27th July 2021 at 10.30 am UK Time. 11.30 CET.

The FIRST LOOK event, hosted at the Fujifilm Advanced Print Technology Centre in Brussels, will demonstrate how users can quickly and simply switch between high performance and high quality modes. Attendees will also learn which mode is best suited for a range of jobs, taking into consideration the ink savings as well as the time savings of the high performance mode, and the fact that there is no need for use of the Rapid Coagulation Primer.

Mark Stephenson, Product Manager, Digital Solutions, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe says: “The Jet Press 750S, and its predecessor the Jet Press 720S, have been setting the standard for digital quality in commercial print for some time now. The quality and the up-time were already both so good that we looked beyond incremental improvements and turned our attention to the speed, and found a way to make it significantly faster.

The new high performance mode opens up a world of possibilities for longer print runs that would usually have been litho printed in the past, but crucially, users of the new model will retain the ability to deliver high margin, high quality short run work as well. It offers commercial printers unrivalled flexibility in a rapidly changing market.”

The Jet Press 750S High Speed Model, which is also offered as an upgrade to current 750S users, will be commercially available in Europe in the autumn.

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