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Team Of Senior Xerox Personnel Visit Saudi Arabia Office

Herve Tessler; President of Xerox Developing Markets Operations (DMO) , Roy Harding; Chief operation officer in DMO east regions, Daniel Benoit; VP of Finance & DMO CFO, and Marcus Childs; VP and GM of Xerox Middle East and Africa (MEA) recently visited Saudi Xerox; highlighting Xerox’s presence in the kingdom for over 25 years. During this period Saudi Xerox have managed to increase their customer base, extend company branches throughout the Kingdom and escalate their market growth by 37%, exceeding all milestones and the market growth.

During the visit, Herve Tessler presented the Saudi Xerox leadership team with the 2011 President’s Award and commended their outstanding 2012 year to date performance, in addition to inaugurating the new customer care centre and discussing growth strategies as well as Xerox’s expansion plans throughout the Saudi market.

“Saudi Xerox has witnessed substantial growth within the market over the past 25 years. The top executives’ visit highlights the milestones we have been achieving. Saudi Xerox leadership team is looking forward to closing another strong year of expansion and development.” stated Ehab Guindi, General Manager, Saudi Xerox.

According to the company, throughout the years Saudi Xerox has managed to attain outstanding development and leadership in Managed Print Services, develop extensive channel programs through small, medium and large business sectors in addition to increasing the sales of Xerox production technology as well as remaining the market leader in the office colour printing technology. 

Saudi Xerox has made considerable investments in the Kingdom, expanding its coverage further across the whole country.

From left to right: Zakir Hussain – Finance Director, Xerox Saudi, Mohammed Badawi – Technical Service Director, Xerox Saudi, Ehab S. Guindi – General Manager, Xerox Saudi, Herve Tessler – President – DMO, Xerox, Reem Al Bakry – HR Director, Xerox Saudi, Daniel Benoit – VP Finance, DMO CFO, Xerox, Marcus Childs – VP & GM, Xerox MEA, Roy Harding – Chief Operating Officer, DMO Regions East, Halim Ammoura – Director of Marketing, Xerox Saudi

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