Sublimation inks for direct and transfer printing

Digistar Display is a sublimation ink for direct and transfer printing comprising 8 colours; 4 process, 2 light colours and 2 spot colours. Applications include direct printing onto synthetic fabrics and transferring onto synthetic fabrics and blended fibres.

“Extensive research and development has produce an ink which is exceptionally stable and enables consistent printability even in changing operating conditions,” said Marco Girola, Kiian Digital Marketing Specialist. “Many customers will also have the benefit of being able to use one ink for two applications, reducing inventory and achieving cost savings.”

Alessandra Borghi, Kiian Digital sales director added: “The textile industry strives for a future without hazardous chemicals. We contribute to this challenge by designing inks with reduced hazardous chemical content which comply with global textile standards for the Restricted Substance Lists of global brands. We are working with our customers to build a better future. An example of this is our best-selling ink series, Digistar HI-PRO that recently passed Nike’s Restricted Substance Lists (RSL) for both apparel and footwear.”

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