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Spanish Pavilion Showcases 3D Printed Forest

Located in the Sustainability thematic area of the Expo 2020, Dubai, the Spain Pavilion, designed by Madrid-based leading architecture firm Amann Canovas Maruri, merges design, art, and technology to create a unique immersive experience. The Spanish Pavilion at the Expo 2020 under the motto Intelligence for Life seeks to synthesize on ingenuity, creativity, and innovative capacity as essential tools to preserve life and the biological diversity to build a sustainable future.

Spanish Pavillion@ Dubai Expo 2020

La Inteligencia de los Bosque (The Intelligence of the Forests) is a 3D printed artificial forest built with sustainable materials, capable of producing oxygen, and featuring an interactive Tree of Balance, a tree projected over the entire rear wall of the pavilion that reacts to the sustainable habits of the public. The forest is also where you can discover protected species of mammals, birds, and reptiles in Spain, such as Iberian lynx, brown bear, bearded vulture, and Mediterranean sea turtles. The Spain Pavilion is an instant eye catcher due to its series of truncated cones, the Destellos, which rise above the landscape to evoke the feel of a traditional town square. The distinctly hued conical volumes facilitate greater air circulation for temperature moderation.

Spanish Pavillion@ Dubai Expo 2020

Among the most prominent spaces are interactive floors that will react to the movements of visitors, trees created with 3D printers, recyclable, absorbing CO2, and huge backlit murals in the background.

Spanish Pavillion@ Dubai Expo 2020

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