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Somic to Showcase Retail-Ready Case Packer Samples at PACK Expo

Somic America, Inc. (booth S8468) will feature at PACK Expo 2017 a variety of high profile samples created by its prolific 424 T2 (D) multi-purpose, retail-ready case packer for worldwide brands. The booth will resemble a store-like aisle with product videos and a demonstration area during the show, Sept. 25-27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

As one of the leading manufacturers for end-of-line packaging technology, Somic gives customers the capability to produce retail-ready packages with perfect repeatability. The popular and fast 424 T2 (D) is a prime example.

The machine delivers high performance by collating, grouping and packaging products in open display trays, as well as trays with covers and wraparound cases. It also can be fitted with individual format tools for a wide range of product dimensions. The 424 T2 (D) saves time, capable of collating 600 products per minute depending on size, and can carton as many as 35 cases per minute.

The 424 T2 (D) is used by major worldwide corporations. Samples of Milk Duds and Whoppers from The Hershey Company and Chex Mix snacks from General Mills will be exhibited at the show. Various product samples, ranging from coffee and cereal to flour, jam, noodles and others will be displayed. Videos of samples being produced will be shown and explained by Somic personnel.

Somic experts also will explain the unique features and benefits of the 424 T2 (D) and other machines in the demonstration area. For example, with the ability to form and load into the tray, soft or flexible products can be condensed into a tighter package. One corrugated customer was able to save a significant amount – 27 cents per – on carton costs.

Plan to visit Somic booth S8468 to learn more about how these machines can lead to greater productivity.

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