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Smithers Pira Identifies Significant Trends Shaping the Growth of Packaging Dispensers Market

Smithers Pira’s latest research into the market for packaging dispensers has identified some particular key trends that are proving more impactful to the future development of this area of the packaging industry. Some of the most notable trends expected to continue affecting the market over the forecast period to 2023.

Some of these trends were a topic of conversation for suppliers, leaders and professionals in the world of aerosols, dispensing and packaging attending the 13th edition of ADF (Aerosol & Dispensing Forum) and the 15th edition of PCD (Packaging of Perfume Cosmetics & Design) in Paris. The ADF&PCD Paris exhibition is held annually in the heart of Paris bringing together key players in perfumes and cosmetics, in addition to the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, automotive and other industries.

In its new report Smithers Pira values the global packaging dispenser market worth $7.59 billion in 2017, having increased by an annual average of 3.5% in value terms since 2013. Although much of this consumption value is concentrated in the mature markets of Western Europe and North America, it is the world’s emerging and developing markets (notably China and India) that are acting as the engine of growth for the industry, as more consumers flow from rural to urban locations and adopt increasingly westernised lifestyles.

Smithers Pira identifies four key trends influencing the market:

  • Economic/demographic – e.g. global economic and population growth, demographic changes, and so on.
  • Consumer – e.g. growing demand for time-saving convenience, desire for dispensers for personalisation, rising awareness of environmental sustainability, and so on.
  • Dispensers & sustainability – e.g. manufacturing and challenges of environmental footprint reduction, proactive developments and initiatives around recycling and adoption of circular economy, and so on.
  • Technological – e.g. state-of-the-art dispensers and brand positioning, leveraging intelligent and smart packing for consumer engagement, safety and security, and so on.

The dispensing solution has become integral to branding, promotion and differentiation, and is gradually assuming centre stage in the domain of packaging innovation. Looking ahead, the rise of increasingly sophisticated technologies – both digital and mechanical – means that important strategic decisions will be required from both brand owners and manufacturers of dispensers as to which areas to prioritise in order to maximise returns on brand loyalty and consumer engagement.

Another major challenge faced by manufacturers of packaging dispensers is maintaining revenue performance in the face of limited underlying growth in primary packaging markets, declining disposable incomes, and the rise of re-use of dispensers in a circular economy.

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