Sisi Inaugurates Secured, Smart Documents Complex

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el Sisi hailed the inauguration of the Secured and Smart Documents Complex which is considered a giant technological edifice.

On his social media page on Wednesday, he said the complex backs the state’s digitization strategy which falls within the framework of efforts to realize all-out development.

The complex, a giant technology fortress, has the latest technical potentials in issuing all governmental documents at the highest security level, such as educational certificates, passports and others. The complex is the largest in the Middle East and Africa’.

The president also visited a paper and pulp manufacturing fully-equipped lab that includes the latest equipment needed for testing chemicals, bleaches and colors added to the pulp as well as fiber shapes.

During his visit President Sisi was briefed by Eng. Walaa el Gohari on the pulping process where paper is produced and all production stages.

The president inspected a plant for producing 2D and 3D holographic images, which are used for securing all types of documents.

He also visited the printing center of secured cards, which prints different kinds of plastic products, such as smart cards and passports.

Meanwhile Education Minister Tarek Shawki said cooperation with the new complex will help the ministry handle a system that consists of 23 million students, 55,000 schools and 1.6 million teachers

Sisi stressed that the personal information about each citizen is highly sensitive, adding the state authorities shall be allowed to only view information that are related to it.  He also added, “The technological capability has merits and demerits that the state should be aware of. Digitizing the state and achieving the governance of procedures contribute to curbing corruption.”

The Secured and Smart Complex comes at a cost of up to LE 1 billion.

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