New embossing LabelSet Cuir and MatisSet Cuir

The label market is a dynamic market and the requirements are constantly changing. As an innovative market leader in the area of wet and alkali-resistant label papers, Feldmuehle recognizes the trends in this market and reacts with two new products:

“LabelSet Cuir” and “MatisSet Cuir” are Feldmuehle’s answer to the increasing demand for wet strength label papers with unusual surfaces. The new embossing “Cuir” gives the paper a natural structure. This new surface corresponds to the trend towards the “vintage look” or “eco design” of the labels and offers our customers an excellent basis for unlimited creativity. This paper offers the big brands an image that also communicates the environmental orientation of the product and the brand.

The papers that are used as the basis for the new “Cuir” embossing (LabelSet and MatisSet) are very well-established qualities from Feldmuehle – so the embossed qualities also offer the highest quality and mileage. The “Reflexion”, “Linen” and “Vergé” embossings, which have been very successfully established on the market, are complemented by this new embossing, and now offer our customers a wide range of design options.

Samples can now be ordered from Feldmuehle.

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