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Sidhom Launches Kodak Roadshow On Digital Printing Solutions

Egypt’s growing appetite for digital printing solutions will see the country shift to the latest technology innovations in printing within a few short years. This emerged in Cairo during a Kodak roadshow organised by its distribution partner, Sidhom Company S.A.E.

“The roadshow enabled us to discuss the latest in printing technology and its benefits for the Egyptian market,” said Komal Sharma, regional managing director EAMER Kodak. “It allowed us to speak directly to our customers’ specific needs and requirements as we launched products and discussed the future of the printing landscape in Egypt,” continued Sharma.

“We discovered that over the next few years the Egyptian market will enter fully into the digital printing age. At the moment we are seeing a migration towards newer technology, along with the adoption of the latest printing solutions on the market,” continued Sharma.

Kodak launched its KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates at the show as well as the new features of its latest line, KODAK NEXPRESS Gold Solution, which includes gold printing.

At the moment there are three divisions in Egypt for which Kodak currently offers support; digital printing, prepress technology – popular in the Egyptian market and accounting for 45% of sales in the Middle East – and digital plates with a market share of 20%.

“These segments represent the biggest opportunities for us at the moment,” said Tarek Nasr, commercial manager at Sidhom Company S.A.E. “Egypt is a lucrative market for investors and print service providers and it’s a market that is evolving rapidly. We wanted to focus on Kodak’s presence in the Egyptian market and showcase all three verticals during the roadshow – KODAK SONORA XP Process Free Plates, digital printing segment KODAK NEXPRESS and the packaging sector with KODAK FLEXCEL NX System.”

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