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She’s All Smiles

Exhibitions are an ideal place to meet with interesting people from around the world. Fespa also provided the perfect opportunity to bump into young talents who have been successful.

Conny Pinsker is a young German women who is running a successful offset printing operation in north of Munich. We met with her in Efi stand. She recently purchased a Pace MIS software from Efi.

Her company Pinsker Druck Und Medien boasts a range of Heidelberg sheetfed presses as well as a small digital printing department consisting of an Indigo and a Canon digital press.

The first question was why Pace? “We already had a different product but I was not happy with it. Pace is modern and efficient and enables us to save time on every print job. We are doing around 11000 print jobs per year. Our major customers are BMW and Audi plus a number of advertising agencies. So we needed an efficient management information system and ERP solution that can help us streamline our operations.” Explains Pinsker.

Pinsker is very young and sounds passionate about printing. It seems that you can’t wipe off that sunny smile from her face.

Our next question however made her cringe a bit. “Printing is a tough male dominated industry, how do you cope with all the pressure?” She says.” Yes it’s very hard. When I was going through my print technology education I was the only girl among 25 students.” She pauses and once again she’s all smiles.” But that also makes me unique.”

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