Shaping the Future with Packaging Conference 2023

FTA Europe and Intergraf together with Smithers will organise the conference Shaping the Future with Packaging, on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 March 2023 in Brussels.

Event Content

Shaping the Future with Packaging will focus on the European packaging market. This event is a ‘must-attend’ for anyone with an interest in this vibrant sector. Participants will hear from speakers on a range of packaging-related topics – from sustainability, food contact materials, and product design, to EU policy, and more.
We are in the process of confirming speakers from across the industry. A representative from the European Commission will present about upcoming EU packaging and packaging waste legislation. Market research institute Smithers will present facts and figures about the packaging sector. Other speakers from retail, brands, and advertising agencies will also share their views.


To allow people to travel to Brussels, this one day conference will take place over two days: during the afternoon and evening of 9 March and the morning of 10 March. The event will be held at the Hotel Le Plaza Brussels (Boulevard Adolphe Max 118-126). A networking dinner will be organised on 9 March.

Market Report

For each event in this series, market research expert Smithers provides exclusive economic analysis. Shaping the Future with Packaging will be accompanied by the European Packaging Market Report 2023 containing both Smithers’ market data and an overview of the conference. Participants will receive this report free of charge as part of the event package.

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