Rise In The Price Of Newspapers

Prices of state-run newspapers in Egypt saw a small increase, with independent and party newspapers to follow in the upcoming days, Reports Daily News.

Salah Eissa, General Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Press, told Daily News Egypt that state-run newspapers and some independent and party newspapers agreed on raising the prices.

“All the state-run newspapers, independent newspapers Al-Shorouk and Al-Watan and Al-Tagammu Party’s newspaper Al-Ahaly raised the price,” Eissa said.

Al-Ahram, Al-Gomhouria, Al-Akhbar, Al-Shorouk, Al-Watan and Al-Ahaly newspapers were sold Sunday at EGP 2 instead of the previous EGP 1.5, while Al-Ahram Al-Masaay, Al-Masaa and Al-Masaaiya prices went up to EGP 1.4 pounds from EGP 1. Weekly issues and foreign language newspapers’ prices did not rise however.

The increase comes after recent increases in paper and printing equipment, following the US dollar’s rise against the EGP.

Prominent independent daily Al-Masry Al-Youm decided not to increase, maintaining the issue price at EGP 1.5.

The privately-owned newspaper did not sign the agreement with the council. Eissa said that the council’s decision is only binding to state-run newspapers and the newspapers that agreed on the increase.

However, “they might change their minds in the upcoming weeks”, he said.

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