RAF To Print And Distribute 1 Million Copies Of Quran

Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services “RAF”, has launched a project to print millions of copies of the Holy Quran. The printed and translated holy books will be distributed in 62 countries worldwide.

At the cost of up to 10 million Qatari Riyals the project is expected to complete within 6 months. The cost of printing per copy of Quran is estimated at 10 Qatari Riyals.

Dr. Ayed Dabssan Al Qahtani Chairman of the Board of Trustees and General Manager of “RAF” foundation has welcomed the cooperation and partnership of companies and individuals in implementing this project which aims at serving the Islam and the Muslims around the world.

During a press conference held by RAF Dr. Ayed Al Qarni the renowned Islamic scholar said,” Printing and distributing millions of copies of the Holy Quran is considered one of the strategic projects of “RAF”. Today the demand for Muslims holy book is more than ever.  I have visited many countries around the world to assess the demand for Quran and we found out that many societies around the world are suffering from this vital spiritual source. People are sharing the Quran because simply there are not enough copies for every family.”

There is also a social media campaign to introduce project and create awareness. Anybody who wants to get involved in this project is welcome to do so. The professional and relevant translations for each country will also be provided with the holy book. The foundation relies on its rich translation legacy to offer faultless and eloquent translations. 

Dr. Ayed Al Qahtani the General Manager of RAF , also said that he is honoured to play a part  in this project.

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