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Proofing Up To The Single Dot

The Future Of Print In The Middle East And North Africa To 2018Download the PDF from here

In digital printing alike to offset and other analogue printing technologies certain colour standardisations have to be established and adhered to. The bigger the brand, the more it is important that worldwide all products, marketing and advertising materials need to look the same. That’s where proofing and ISO regulations come into play. The most renowned proofing solution is CGS’ ORIS Color Tuner // Web that helps printers worldwide to meet the stringent ISO standards in order to achieve colour matching across devices as well as print shops all over the world.

At MetroMedia Technologies (MENA / MMT) located in Dubai’s Investment Park the ORIS Color Tuner // Web is one of the essential production tools that production manager Asish Chakrabarti cannot do without anymore. “In order to maintain our print quality we have to proof every job that comes into our shop internally. Quite often those jobs do not adhere to the stringent criteria that we apply to our works. In addition, we are serving a lot of international clients that expect us to deliver the same quality including colours, as their other print partners are the world.”

The company operates MMT’s patented own machinery – huge drum inkjet presses – that enable printing of banners, double sided backlits, billboards and other outdoor signage up to sizes of 18 x 6 m, as a single piece, and the bigger sizes in parts. As those are viewed from sometimes far away distances it is very important that the colours are correct up to the dot. With a resolution of 30 to 45 dpi the huge signage products that are stitched together in order to make up full banners quality is very important. “We are working according to ISO standards as our worldwide network of MMT printers needs not only to adhere to our client’s standards but also to our internal standardised colour regulations”, says Asish Chakrabarti.

“All our jobs are proofed with the CGS ORIS Color Tuner // Web and also send to MMT US as the franchise network is very concerned to meet and maintain international standards. Most of our jobs come from big advertising agencies with high-profile blue chip clients like Audi, Samsung. They expect us to meet their stringent criteria worldwide. That’s why we need CGS’solution in order to maintain quality control and meet the exact requirements of our jobs.”

CGS’ distributor GraphEast, located in Dubai has installed the ORIS Color Tuner // Web at MMT and executed training for the companies employees.  Having started years ago with the CGS ORIS Color Tuner //Web, Asish Chakrabarti, feels comfortable using the solution. “The learning curve was easy and we have been trained only for a short time – the programme is very intuitive. Even our print sequence – YMCK – has not posed any issues when we first took the software into operation. The set-up of profiles was easily done”, he says.

A comprehensive list of workflow tools, such as automatic preflighting, file compressing, FTP send & receive, regular expressions etc. make ORIS Color Tuner // Web a powerful production workflow. Spot colours can be easily assigned and according profiles set up and saved. Continuous and halftone dot proofing options are available so that the proofs reflect the exact colours. Together with the Epson proofing printers the solution enables high quality output that supports all Pantone, Pantone Live, Esko and HKS libraries.

“As, the maximum percentage of our jobs are double sided backlit work, we need to print the exact colour on the first go. Our customers want to see the right colours on the product and we need to verify the data that are delivered to us. And as not many printers can print the sizes we offer in the UV ink printing market, we have a unique standing in the MENA region,” states Asish Chakrabarti. “If we would not use CGS’ solution, we would probably not meet our company’s standards each time anew.”

The Future Of Print In The Middle East And North Africa To 2018Download the PDF from here

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