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Printers Accuse Government Of Fomenting Unfair Competition

Printers’ Association in Baghdad criticized the Ministry of Education, accusing it of conducting unfair competition in awarding text book printing contract to neighbouring countries. According to the Association, the ministry violated instructions of the Cabinet ruling based on which printing textbooks must be carried out in Iraq.

In an interview with Al Mada Newspaper, Mohamed Abed Mohammed, a member of the Association said that private sector printers are neglected, forgotten, and they are increasingly faced with unfair competition from the authorities. According to Mohammad the ministry is channelling printing jobs to other countries.

He further revealed that Iraqi investor Muthanna Abdul Samad al-Samarai who has been awarded a license by the Ministry of Education to print textbooks opted for Lebanese printers to get the job done.  Mohammad says he has documents that substantiate his allegations.

Rejecting the allegation, spokesman from the Ministry of Education said “The ministry stopped all contracts with Al Wifaq Company, who has been known to outsource printing jobs to Lebanon. But the company had filed a case in the court of law, which has allowed it to continue with its printing activities, as per the terms and conditions of the contract.” He added that the priority for the ministry is to support private sector printers.


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