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Print Newspaper Is Popular After All


Based on a Survey conducted by The Ipsos MediaCT residents in UAE still rely on Gulf News as their source of news. The survey shows that non-Arab English from 15 to 55+ years prefer Gulf News as their main news source. While the newspaper industry is going through doldrums globally this piece of news is encouraging and shows that there are still opportunities for newspaper industry in our region.

On the other hand Gulf News is a prime example of how hard work and new ideas can help your business stay afloat. 

Another key and interesting finding of the report is the increase in young readership, the 15 to 24 years group. In the results published in 2014, it was 19.7 per cent. Today it stands at 21.5 per cent.

Some of the other highlights of the survey include the fact that 60 per cent of Gulf News readers are university educated, while 40 per cent enjoy a monthly household income of above Dh10, 000.

In fact, 15 per cent of the readers are in the upper or middle management levels. We are looking at a readership that is upwardly mobile and includes employees, professionals, entrepreneurs and decision-makers. Gulf News, truly is ‘the intelligent choice’.

The high quality of Gulf News is also another factor. Part of it is the result of the state of the art equipment that the newspaper is using for print operations. Gulf News is the only newspaper outside Europe that is using Cortina waterless web offset press from KBA.

There are of course other reasons as well Gulf News content is now more appealing to the young readers and format of the paper is also convenient.


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