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Prati Shows label inspection system at Printtek

The company PRATI recently displayed their Jupiter TC 450 label inspection machine at the Printtek2013 (The International Print Technologies and Paper Fair), which was held from May 17 to 22 in Istanbul. According to PRATI, the Jupiter combines high precision label inspection with clear and accurate slitting of plastic and paper materials. 

Our machines are not copies of others, but the result of 40 years of listening to our customers, says Chiara Prati, Sales Manager of the company. She summed up the strong points of Jupiter TC 450 as follows. 

– It reduces the possibility of human error to the utmost making the machines pleasant to work with 

– Is user-friendly. It means the operator learns to use the machine as quickly as possible, and has an easy know-how transfer concept.

– Plug and Play feature of the machine makes it easy to be installed in just a few hours.

– Quality reproducibility, which means ensuring the customer that they can always produce the same identical roll containing the same number of labels, with the same material tension.

– Full product compliance. It makes the product fully compliant with the specification required by the end customer.



The Prati machines come with some useful and innovative automation. Some of which are: – The Smart photocell that features a “smart” photocell able to automatically acquire the length of the labels and the gap between one label and another. 

Inspection System The machines can be integrated with different inspection systems, to achieve more or less high levels of control (IR photocells, cameras, etc.).  

Slide dynamic fault placement This automatism allows automatic fault placement in dynamic mode, besides optimizing speed and therefore productivity.

Automatic slow down The system permits automatic slow down at the end of count irrespective of the machine speed and label length.


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