POLAR Gives Away The Stack Lift

With the “Solo to System” campaign, POLAR supports the industrialization in the postpress sector. Customers upgrading their solo cutting machine to a CuttingSystem receive the stack lift free of charge.

As part of the new “Solo to System” campaign for further industrialization of print finishing, qualified customers will receive a POLAR stack lift free of charge.

The campaign supports the upgrade of an existing solo high-speed cutter (115/137 N/XT/ED) to a CuttingSystem 200 consisting of the following additional peripheral equipment: jogger RA-4, Transomat for unloading TR-E 130-4/5, and the stack lift LW 1000-4. Customers ordering a POLAR Transomat Unloader TRE 130-4 and a POLAR Jogger RA-4 will receive the POLAR stack lift LW 1000-4 free of charge if a high-speed cutter of the models mentioned above already exists at the respective customer site.

The purchase of a complete CuttingSystem 200 (high-speed cutter, jogger RA-4, Transomat unloader TR-E 130-4, Lift LW 1000-4) also qualifies for participation in the campaign. With the help of the peripheral equipment, CuttingSystems 200 produce up to 100 % more output than a solo high-speed cutter. Ergonomics are improved, as well, because manually lifting heavy loads is not necessary for loading or unloading. The precise alignment of the cutting reams in the automatic jogger improves the quality considerably.

The “Solo to System” offer, which is subject to change, is valid for orders received by POLAR from July 6th, 2020, until December 31st, 2020.

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