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Epson Unleashes the Future of Printing

Exclusive Epson Insights into FESPA 2024 and Gulf Print & Pack 2024 Showcases

As the print technology landscape continues to evolve, Epson stands at the forefront, showcasing its commitment to innovation and industry leadership. In this exclusive interview with Shihab Ahmed Zubair, Sales Manager, Epson ME, and Abderrazek Hakimi, Sales Manager, Business System, Epson Middle East. , we delve into Epson’s participation in two significant events – FESPA Middle East 2024 and Gulf Print & Pack 2024 to be held in January 2024. We explore Epson’s latest printing innovations, its strategic plans and preparations, insights from past FESPA events, and a detailed look at the unique features of key products like the SureColor SC-V7000 UV flatbed printer and the SureColor SC-R5010L Resin Ink Large Format Printer. Additionally, we uncover Epson’s motivations for participating in Gulf Print & Pack 2024, its target audience, engagement strategies, and expectations from the event.

Epson stand@ FESPA Middle East

FESPA Middle East 2024 questions:

Tell us about your participation in the inaugural FESPA Middle East event?

Epson ME is excited to join the inaugural FESPA Middle East 2024 at Dubai Exhibition Centre. As part of our participation, we will be showcasing some of the latest printing innovations, including the Epson V7000, our debut UV large format printer for vibrant retail, outdoor signage and packaging; the SC-R5010L, our versatile resin ink printer that prints on vinyl, textile, wallpaper, and more; and the F2200, which delivers precise direct-to-garment and film printing. We will also present the SC-F6400H, a six-colour dye sublimation printer for textile producers and promotional goods businesses.

Epson’s presence at FESPA signifies our commitment to innovation and empowering industries with cutting-edge printing technology. FESPA Middle East will provide us with a platform to engage industry professionals and showcase our diverse range of products, driving new possibilities in the region’s print landscape.

What are your plans and preparations?

At FESPA Middle East 2024, Epson ME will present cutting-edge printing technology and highlight a diverse array of printers that are tailored to meet specific industry needs. We anticipate strong interest in the Epson V7000, our groundbreaking UV large format printer, which is engineered to craft attention-grabbing retail displays, outdoor signage, packaging, and decorative items.

Epson SureColor SC-V7000 UV flatbed large format printer
Epson SureColor SC-V7000 UV flatbed large format printer

We will create an engaging environment at our Stand D10, to enable visitors to experience our printers firsthand and gain insight into their remarkable commercial potential. Our presence at FESPA Middle East will highlight our products’ transformative power, enabling businesses to raise printing standards and explore new opportunities across business sectors.

Have you participated in any FESPA event before? If yes, please explain the opportunities you had.

Epson has actively participated in previous FESPA events around the world, leveraging these platforms to highlight our latest innovations. At the FESPA Global Print Expo 2022, we made a remarkable impact with live printing demonstrations. Along with our partners, we highlighted the diverse applications and impressive outcomes achievable through our range of professional inkjet printers and other key products.

Our stand was strategically designed to present various printing possibilities across different areas. In the promotional segment, we exhibited desktop dye sublimation printers alongside the SC-F2100 DTG printer, demonstrating how small businesses can produce personalised merchandise such as mugs, phone covers, and t-shirts. Our latest direct-to-garment printer, the SureColor SC-F3000, offers a complete DTG package for high-volume fabric printing.

Epson SureColor
Epson SureColor

The expo also featured Epson’s advanced printers such as the direct-to-fabric digital textile printer Monna Lisa ML-8000 and the dye sublimation printers SC-F9400H and SC-F10000H, which offer applications in fashion, home textiles, and soft signage.

Our participation extended to the signage area with printers like the SureColor SC-R5000L, which enables easy printing on various materials. Additionally, we unveiled the SureColor SC-V7000, Epson’s first UV flatbed printer, which is ideal for diverse applications on rigid substrates.

FESPA has previously served as a dynamic platform for Epson and its partners to demonstrate a wide array of printing applications, demonstrating how businesses can expand into new markets and leverage our innovative technologies to maximise revenue potential.

Can you provide insights into the unique features and capabilities of the SureColor SC-V7000 UV flatbed printer and how it addresses the needs of the target market?

The SureColor SC-V7000 UV flatbed printer stands out with its UltraChrome UV 10-colour inkset, ensuring exceptional print quality crucial for diverse applications in the target market. Its high-speed simultaneous printing with white, color, and varnish maximizes efficiency.

With a generous maximum print size of 2.5m x 1.25m and versatility across a wide range of media, it expands product offerings. Epson offers a complete solution, integrating printheads, ink, firmware, and software, providing a comprehensive, reliable tool for businesses seeking superior quality and diverse printing capabilities in the large format UV printing arena.

What sets the SureColor SC-R5010L Resin Ink Large Format Printer apart in terms of its technology and applications, and how does it cater to the demands of the industry?

Epson SureColor SC-R5010L Resin ink large format printer
Epson SureColor SC-R5010L Resin ink large format printer

The SureColor SC-R5010L Resin Ink Large Format Printer stands out due to its cutting-edge resin ink technology, offering superior image quality and diverse applications, meeting industry demands for high-quality output. 

Regarding the SureColor SC-F6400H 44-inch Dye Sub Printer, what specific advantages does it offer for dye sublimation printing in comparison to other products in the market?

Epson SureColor SC-F6400H 44-inch dye sub printer
Epson SureColor SC-F6400H 44-inch dye sub printer

The SureColor SC-F6400H 44-inch Dye Sub Printer boasts advantages in dye sublimation printing with enhanced color vibrancy, productivity, and reliability, distinguishing itself within the market.

Epson @ GPP1

Gulf Print & Pack 2024 questions:

What motivated Epson to participate in Gulf Print & Pack 2024, and what specific goals does the company aim to achieve through its presence at the event?

Epson’s participation in Gulf Print & Pack 2024 stems from our commitment to supporting the GCC’s manufacturing sector, poised to significantly contribute to the region’s non-energy GDP. The event provides a platform for Epson to showcase a spectrum of industrial and commercial label printers, aligning with the needs of key industries like pharmaceuticals, chemical, food & beverage, and logistics. As labeling and packaging play pivotal roles in the UAE’s targeted expansion of manufacturing operations and Saudi Arabia’s anticipated growth in the pharma and food and beverage sector, Epson’s label printing solutions aim to meet the demands for branding, user safety, and industry compliance within these sectors.

Epson’s focus on delivering superior image quality, flexibility, robustness, and compactness in label printing solutions caters to the diverse requirements of both established manufacturers and emerging SMEs across the MENA region. The showcased printers, including the SurePress L-4733AW, ColorWorks C6500 Series, and compact ColorWorks CW-C4000, address various label printing needs, from high productivity for larger clients to affordable on-demand printing for smaller-scale operations.

Epson SurePress L-4733AW
Epson SurePress L-4733AW

Moreover, this exhibition marks the premiere demonstration of Epson’s cloud-enabled ColorWorks range in collaboration with Loftware. This integration extends significant advantages to MENA customers, enabling scalability, streamlined label printing tasks across multiple locations, and centralized management for enhanced consistency and flexibility. Epson’s presence at Gulf Print & Pack 2024 signifies its dedication to providing cutting-edge, cloud-connected label printing solutions to meet the evolving needs of the MENA manufacturing landscape.

How does Epson perceive the significance of Gulf Print & Pack 2024 in the context of the MENA region’s print technology industry?

Epson sees Gulf Print & Pack 2024 as a pivotal event in the MENA region’s print technology industry, representing an opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge industrial and commercial label printers. These solutions are tailored to meet the distinct needs of dynamic sectors like pharmaceuticals, chemical, food & beverage, and logistics, which significantly contribute to the region’s economic growth. The strategic emphasis on labeling and packaging aligns with ambitious manufacturing targets in Abu Dhabi, anticipating 100 new operations in 2024 alone, and the projected substantial expansion of Saudi Arabia’s food and beverage and pharma sectors by 2025.

Recognizing the crucial role of image quality and versatile label printing options for MENA manufacturers’ competitiveness in regional and global markets, Epson has developed solutions to precisely meet these demands. These solutions cater to both established manufacturers and emerging SMEs, offering reliable, photo-quality label printing across all business scales.

By participating in Gulf Print & Pack 2024, Epson aims to demonstrate its commitment to addressing evolving industry needs, enabling decision-makers to experience firsthand Epson’s innovative label printing solutions, positioned at Sheikh Saeed Hall, stand B2at the Dubai World Trade Centre. This involvement highlights Epson’s dedication to supporting the growth of MENA industries through cutting-edge printing technology and streamlined label management solutions.

Who is Epson’s primary target audience at Gulf Print & Pack 2024? Are there specific industries or customer segments that the company is particularly focused on reaching?

Epson compact ColorWorks CW-C4000 color label printer
Epson compact ColorWorks CW-C4000 color label printer

At Gulf Print & Pack 2024, Epson’s primary target audience revolves around industries seeking efficient label printing solutions. We cater to sectors such as manufacturing, packaging, retail, and logistics. Epson is targeting a diverse array of industries within the GCC manufacturing landscape. This focus extends to key sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & beverage, and logistics, showcasing advanced label printing solutions tailored to meet evolving regional needs.

How does Epson plan to engage with Print Service Providers (PSPs) and other potential customers during the exhibition?

During Gulf Print & Pack 2024, Epson plans to engage with Print Service Providers (PSPs) and potential customers by showcasing our tailored label printing solutions for diverse industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & beverage, and logistics. Highlighting printers like the SurePress L-4733AW for productivity and reduced maintenance in larger operations and the ColorWorks C6500 Series for high-resolution, on-demand printing, Epson aims to exhibit quality, reliability, versatility, and flexibility.  Additionally, Epson’s cloud-enabled ColorWorks printers, a result of collaboration with Loftware, target scalability and centralized management, offering PSPs and businesses across MENA an interface for easy scalability and consistent label printing.

Epson ColorWorks C6500 Series
Epson ColorWorks C6500 Series

What are Epson’s expectations regarding the impact of participating in Gulf Print & Pack 2024 on its brand visibility and market presence in the MENA region?

Epson anticipates heightened brand visibility and market penetration across MENA through Gulf Print & Pack 2024. 

How does Epson anticipate the exhibition will contribute to building relationships with existing customers and acquiring new ones?

They aim to foster deeper ties with existing clients and forge connections with new ones, showcasing innovative label printing solutions tailored to diverse industries.

How does Epson approach innovation in the print technology sector, and are there any emerging trends or technologies that the company is particularly excited about showcasing at Gulf Print & Pack 2024?

Epson focuses on pioneering print technology innovation, with a keen eye on emerging trends. At Gulf Print & Pack 2024, they aim to showcase advancements in materials and software that align with industry demands for superior quality, scalability, and streamlined printing processes.

In terms of materials and software launches, what innovations does Epson plan to highlight during the exhibition, and how do these align with current industry demands?

Epson aims to unveil cutting-edge materials and software innovations aligning with industry demands at Gulf Print & Pack 2024. By focusing on label printing solutions for key sectors like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food & beverage, and logistics, Epson emphasizes superior image quality, flexibility, and compactness. Showcasing the SurePress L-4733AW for high productivity and reduced maintenance, along with the ColorWorks C6500 Series enabling high-resolution on-demand printing, they cater to diverse needs. Additionally, their cloud-enabled ColorWorks range, a result of collaboration with Loftware, promises seamless, high-productivity color labeling across various industries, showcasing Epson’s commitment to innovation and streamlined operations in MENA’s evolving manufacturing landscape.

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