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Exclusive Interview with Majdi Saab, General Manager, Desert Roots Company

In an ever-evolving digital marketing and advertising landscape, staying ahead of technological advancements and market trends is crucial. Desert Roots Company, a leader in visual branding for major events in Saudi Arabia, exemplifies this forward-thinking approach. We sat down with Majdi Saab, General Manager of Desert Roots, to discuss their recent investment in cutting-edge HP large format presses, their strategies for maintaining industry leadership, and their commitment to sustainability.

Can you start by telling us about the vision and mission of Roots Advertising Company and how it aligns with your recent investment in HP Latex 800 large format presses and the Latex 630 printer?

We offer visual branding services for the biggest events in Saudi Arabia, mainly sports events requiring huge areas of branding. Therefore our main target is getting high quality product, fast production, and competitive selling price.

What prompted the decision to purchase eight HP Latex 800 large format presses and one Latex 630 printer? How do you anticipate these additions will impact your company’s service offerings?

The effort of Al-Eqtessad’s sales team drove us to take our decision easily in buying the HP Latex 800 and Latex 630, besides the quality and the stability of the HP machines. Although the competition gave us some aggressive offers, we finally decided to go with Al-Eqtessad and HP. Our focus was on after sales service, raw material and supplies availability, and meeting emergency requests when needed.

L800 HP large format presses

How does Roots Advertising Company differentiate itself in the competitive digital marketing and advertising industry in Saudi Arabia?

We differentiate ourselves in the Saudi market through the following strategies:

1) By selecting customers in the ‘A’ category
2) We usually update our platforms and technology
3) Creating new businesses is our top priority
4) We maintain high quality products
5) Provide adequate project delivery timeline, and
6) Invest our expertise in planning and customer service.

Could you explain the role of advanced printing technology, such as the HP Latex 800 large format presses, in enhancing digital marketing and advertising campaigns?

On a practical way we consider the HP Latex 800 the most accurate machine when it comes to colour resolutions, giving the perfect match as per our clients’ expectations, acceptable production speed, in addition to the detailed reporting that can be exported from the machine after each job.

How do you ensure that your marketing strategies and advertising campaigns remain innovative and in line with the latest market developments?

We do this my getting ourselves updated with the latest market trends and the most innovative technologies available, as did in investing in the HP Latex 800. So we are always on the lookout for innovative technologies and keep abreast with latest market changes.

Can you share a success story where Roots Advertising Company significantly impacted a client’s brand presence and market reach?

Desert Roots Company is the most reputable branding company among all events management companies and master planners in Saudi Arabia due to our presence and success of events. We project our customer’s image through appropriate advertising and give them the necessary exposure.

Given below are some of the wide range of events for which we have received positive reviews and feedback, even from representatives of various ministries:

  • Saudi Cup (since 2021) for the Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia (JCSA)
  • Formula 1 STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in Jeddah for the Saudi Motorsport Company (SMC)
  • Dakar International Rally
  • Kings Cup and MBS Cup
  • Hail International Rally
  • AlUla Camel Cup
  • Riyadh Marathon
  • Saudi Games (since 2022)
  • Tennis championships by the Saudi Tennis Federation, and
  • FIFA 2024 Made in Jeddah events

In what ways does Roots plan to utilize the capabilities of the new HP Latex 800 large format presses and the Latex 630 machine to meet client needs more effectively?

As we mentioned before, in our business industry it’s very crucial to provide our clients the best quality of their artworks, the accurate delivery timeline, organized planning and risk management, and the production capacity to deliver the biggest scope with an appropriate due date.

How does Roots Advertising integrate content writing, design, and digital marketing services to create cohesive and effective advertising campaigns?

Our trade name and reputation in the Saudi market is now in the state of word of mouth, where our work and outcomes are highly reputable in the market. 80% of our business is directly received through referrals, connections, and reputation. Our focus is not on performing advertising campaigns. Despite being aware how huge we are, we will soon initiate the process of boosting these campaigns to maintain the current level and expand our market reach.

What challenges do you foresee in the printing and digital marketing industry, and how is Roots Advertising preparing to address these challenges?

Some of the challenges faced by us are in:

1) Colour matching and quality output
2) Time management
3) Cost management and control, and
4) Increasing productivity

We are always planning in introducing new technologies, expand our machines fleet, and re-assess completed projects to focus on the errors committed, as a future corrective plan.

HP’s latex technology is known for its environmentally friendly attributes. Was your decision to purchase HP latex printers influenced by your commitment to sustainability? Additionally, how does Roots Advertising Company generally incorporate sustainability into its business practices?

Roots has always been very keen about sustainability by sending inks containers and all other recyclables generated from our production to the recycling plants and waste management companies. We are aligned with the environmental vision of Saudi Arabia and take utmost care to minimize the environmental risk in all aspects within our business line.

Al-Eqtessad gave us clarity on the how HP’s products were environmentally-friendly, which was a crucial factor on us deciding to invest in the Latex 800.

Finally, what future trends do you predict in the field of digital marketing and printing technology, and how is Roots Advertising positioning itself to take advantage of these trends?

Looking ahead for the next two years, the authorities will oblige all the suppliers to shift from eco-solvent and UV printing, and to replace the PVC fabric printing. Aware of these impending changes, we will begin with the implementation of a new plan, most probably within the next 18 months.

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