Nubar Printing Shifts Focus To Digital

Nubar Printing Press is a major offset printing company in Cairo’s Shoubra district. Established in 1939 the family run company is now shifting focus to digital printing. The company’s digital operation is now called Nubar Digital. The company recently installed an all New Xerox C75 multifunction digital press. The new press along with Xerox D125, which has been already installed will enable the company to offer full digital printing solutions to customers.

With the new digital printing equipment in place Nubar Digital is able to offer print on demand services as well as short run printing of books leaflets and other printed materials to its customers.

Hratch Simonian said, “The C75 has a unique feature which enables it to print saturated colours with high speed and accuracy. The machine can manage colour systems, in addition to providing new tools that guarantee the quality of the images and colour consistency.  The machine requires minimum maintenance while guaranteeing the continuity of production. With these new tools, users can automatically control the input and output without any need for technical specialists in this field.”

Robin Nubar Simonian added, “These features have helped us save the expenses related to offset printing. Previously, printing costs were high, waste amounts were great, in addition to the decrease of production.”

Marlow Nubar Simonian added, “By combining digital printing techniques provided by Xerox with litho offset printing, Nubar will be able to provide wider printing services to its clients, and gain competitive edge in the market. “

Doctor George Nubar Simonian commented, “Our cooperation with Xerox has enabled us to offer new services to our clients and to increase our digital printing production in the market.”

“Xerox helps its partners to enter new markets in printing, which in turn contributes to the development of printing industry in Egypt.” Commented Wael Sodqi, Marketing manager of Xerox Egypt.

For its part ME Printer would like to congratulate Dr. Simonian on his recent success within world of graphic arts and wish him success in his future endeavors

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