Newspapers Stop Printing to Stage Protest Against Media Violence

The newspapers in Libya have decided to stop printing to protest against the recent violence against journalists and media. The Libyan media reported that all daily newspapers stopped printing as well as the functioning of the printing presses under the Libyan Media Support Authority was halted. 

The move by the media is considered as a rejection against all forms of systematic intellectual terrorism made against the freedom of press. A number of media and journalists in Libya organized protest in Tripoli that denounced the attacks and violations against the media. The gathering expressed deep concern over the increasing harassments that restricted media freedom.

Mahmoud Almsrati, Editor of the New Libya newspaper said, “All the public and private newspapers have joined to protest against the attacks.” In a statement given to Al-Arabiya newspaper he pointed out that every single newspaper printed in Tripoli have joined the protest including the staff of the printing presses and publishing houses in the region.

Since the fall of Muammar Gaddfi’s regime, there has been a spur of growth in the publication industry, and many new newspapers and TV channels came out to express their open-criticism and views against the socio-political situations in the country.


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