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New Technologies Have Spun New Standards of Excellence: Wellcare Infotech

What is the state of signage and printing industry in this region?

The signage and printing industry in the UAE is expecting robust growth, due to the heavy investments by the governments in infrastructure projects and the general optimism of print service providers in the market.

What sort of market trends do you see in the regional signage and printing industry for 2017-2018?

New technologies have spun new standards of excellence by expanding the scope for creativity and innovation. Examples: Social Media and Digital Platforms

In terms of technological advancements, what sort of technology shift or introduction of new technologies have you seen in the past couple of years?

Soft signage, textile and UV printing are the next big technological advancements expected to influence and change the way printing output is decided in the next few years. Year after year should see even newer technologies overhauling established ones.

What will SGI 2018 bring along? Will the exhibitors focus on graphics, garments, signs, digital textile, installation, printed electronics and industrial printing, as well?

True. Digital textile, Digital signage and industrial printing are expected to be the new trendsetters in SGI 2018. SGI is more localized than similar-themed events in this region, hence the most value-added exhibition.

How is the 2018 event going to be different than the 2017 event? Are there going to be any new innovations or additions to the show?

SGI 2018 will be of larger proportions in view of emerging technologies like soft signage, UV industrial printing, Digital signage, textile printing and LED signage. Traditional PSPs will find it harder to maintain their market share if they do not consider the encroachment of social media and digital platforms as the trending industry innovation, which offer far greater ROI. Upgrade or perish would be the watchword for 2018 and thereafter.


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