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MMD Display Invests in Durst Wide Format Printer

MMD Display in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has signed a deal for a Durst Rho P10 200/250 with Giffin Graphics. The deal comes as part of the company’s expansion plans and it is in line to modernize its production facility, in order to meet the rising customer demands.

The deal, which was announced during the SGI 2013, is considered to be the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. The Durst machine has many advanced characteristics such as a print resolution of about 10 pico liters and it can print up to 8 square meters per hour. The machine is flexible to use and easy to maintain.

Omar Hitti, General Manager of MMD Display in an interview given to ME Printer said that the investment will enhance the capabilities of MMD to a large extent. “The new machine will strengthen our capabilities in providing our customers high quality products and will ensure that deliveries are made in record time. This will in turn strengthen our position in the market.”

Explaining his reason for choosing the Durst machine, Omar said, “We share a privileged relationship with Giffin Graphics for over the past 8 years. We have already ordered 2 machines from them and this is the third one. We are very satisfied with their level of service, be it sales or technical support. We are confident that the deal will significantly contribute in meeting the diverse needs of our customers along with fulfilling our commitment to the market.”

Meanwhile talking about the deal, Ramzi Kteily, Managing Partner of Giffin Graphics expressed his pleasure. “We are happy with the relationship that we share with MMD during the last 8 years. This reflects the strength of our company and the value that we give to our customers.” He added, “MMD has always strived to stay ahead in the Saudi market by investing in high end solutions. The Saudi market offers various business opportunities and has tremendous potential to grow.”

Elias Bekhaazi, Division Manager, Digital Graphics System at Giffin Graphics opined that the deal will help MMD to meet the competition in the Saudi market, and also in providing products that will satisfy customer needs. He said, “Durst comes up with new innovative technologies each year and the new printing machine (signed by MMD) features a print resolution of up to 10 pico liters and has a print speed of up to 8 square meters per hour, which allows printing at a high speed without affecting the quality and accuracy of the print.”

When asked upon the future plans of MMD, Omar said, “We are constantly working to develop our product line and to ensure that we can deliver the latest products and solutions to our customers. This investment is the first step in our expansion plans, and we are expanding the area of our business, so that we can provide integrated solutions to our customers under one roof. Currently we are working to offer printing on metal facility to our customers, and it will be functional within a couple of months.”

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