Ministry of General Education Installs German Printing Machine

The Ministry of general education and instruction in South Sudan has invested in a German made machine. Estimated to be worth half a million US dollars, the machine has been acquired with funds from the Multi Donor Trust Fund (MTDF), according to the ministry’s deputy minister Rebecca Joshua Okwaci.

“The arrival of this printing machine is very important because we need it at this very juncture. We have examination sheets to be printed, books and a lot of materials needed by the ministry”, Rebecca told reporters at the ministry headquarters.

South Sudan’s education ministry has been printing exam materials and other education material in Khartoum or East Africa. Rebecca who appreciated MTDF for the donation said the machine will add value to the work of the ministry and the country at large.

The newly installed machine is expected to start production by January. The deputy minister said that the ministry will train personnel to run the printing machine. This will be the second printing press owned by the government in South Sudan. The official Government Printing Press (GPP) managed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is already installed and expected to begin operations next year.


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