Metal 3D printer for manufacturing parts with delicate structures

Jacky’s Business Solutions has introduced the Mlab cusing melting laser system from Concept Laser in the UAE. The 3D printing solution has applications in jewelry, medical, dental, automotive, and aerospace sectors as well as general services.

In the metal laser melting process, standard commercial batch materials in powder form are locally fused by a high-energy fibre laser. During the laser process, the one-component metal powder is completely fused. Following setting, the material solidifies. This means that the finished component is provided with almost ideal material properties.

The contour of the component is produced by directing the laser beam using a mirror deflecting unit (scanner). The component is built up layer by layer by lowering the bottom of the installation space, applying more powder and melting again.

The term LaserCusing, made up of the letter C from Concept Laser and the word fusing (complete melting), describes the technology: The fusion process can generate components layer-by-layer using 3D CAD data.

The Mlab cusing machine is capable of building non-reactive materials and producing detailed intricate parts with high quality surface finish and precision component structures. The Mlab cusing R version expands the previous range of materials to include titanium and titanium alloys.

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