MENA: Digital Signage Industry To Grow Exponentially

The organizer of Sign and Graphic Imaging Dubai, International Expo Consults (IEC), announced that with the onset of new technology the ‘Digital Signage’ industry is expected to grow exponentially across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Based on Smithers Pira report, the total printing revenues alone, which is part of the digital signage industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) were $17.6 billion in 2012, and are forecast to grow 7.2% per annum reaching $26 billion by 2018.

“With the ushering in of the latest technology in this segment, digital signage, has revamped the game of marketing, ensuring that enterprises can deliver information to their employees and customers more efficiently.

In addition, digital media technologies have totally changed the arena where enterprise and media companies operate by aiding them to optimize their business processes. Latest delivery methods have also assisted marketers to utilise ingenious methods to reach their customer bases,” Mr. Abdul Rahman Falaknaz, Chairman of IEC.

“Several exhibitors have indicated interest in this new medium and due to this we have decided to introduce new components at our ‘Sign and Graphics Imaging’ show next year. Retail has been the fastest growing industries in the Middle East, Africa and South Asian regions. ‘Shop ME’ @ SGI Dubai 2015 will be an exclusive section in the show dedicated to retail ideas, concepts and solutions across all aspects of retail shopping experience ,” added Mr. Falaknaz.

“Digital signage is considered to be more strategically beneficial in the market in comparison to static signage as the content which updates more often can be digitally be updated, saving the cost of printing. Apart from that, digital signage has the capacity to be compatible with image capturing devices, embedded touch screen and motion detection devices.

The humongous utilisation across a vast gamut of industrial sectors as an efficient platform for interactive advertising and curtailed costs of installation, maintenance and purchase also predicts in the spiral growth and future of the signage market,” said Sharif Rahman, CEO of IEC.

IEC will unveil its 18th edition of the ‘Sign and Graphic Imaging Dubai’ (SGI-Dubai) show in early 2015. The show will be held from January 11th – January 13th at the Dubai World Trade Centre. SGI Dubai is one of the most anticipated events of the year in the region for exhibitors and visitors who come from the digital and screen printing industries, outdoor media and the signage vertical.

“The exhibition experienced strong turnout form varied geographies such as the GCC as well as East Africa apart the Sub Continent, Europe, Asia among other locations. We expect the turnout to be the same and even higher as the last edition of SGI Dubai was well attended by quality visitors we had seen and hope this trend continues,” added Sharif Rahman.

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