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Masar integrates Manroland FoldLine with Kodak Prosper 6000C

Masar Printing & Publishing in Dubai, UAE, has integrated the folding solution FoldLine from manroland web systems into its new digital printing workflow with a Kodak Prosper 6000 C. The software plugins (WorkflowBridge and MasterQ) from manroland web systems as an extension to the Kodak workflow enables the optimization, sorting, and verification of job sequences. The entire configuration is designed inline to fully utilize the processing benefits of digital printing at a maximum production speed. Book blocks and newspapers, glued as well as stitched commercial products, can be produced with the folding aggregate.

“Masar is the first in the world to acquire the fastest digital press, Kodak Prosper 6000 C. That is why we decided to also invest in the highly developed FoldLine from manroland web systems for comprehensive flexibility between printing and finishing. We aim to run the Kodak Prosper 6000 C in multi-shift-operations, a one shop-stop from reel to delivering the final product – which exceeds the customers’ expectations,” comments Faisal Bin Haider, Chief Executive Officer, Printing & Distribution Sector, Dubai Media Inc.

According to the Masar, this investment will provide production flexibility as well as adaptability to readers’ behavior. Faisal adds: “Markets and customers are variable factors; their requirements may change in minutes. This is why the Kodak Prosper 6000 C was built to handle the full range of today’s print applications while still meeting the business goals of newspaper and book publishers as well as those of direct-mail service providers. By gathering these technologies under one roof, Masar Printing & Publishing will have a competitive advantage,  providing the local and regional customers with key solutions for making minute differences in delivering the product at the right cost, quality, and quantity, and right on time.”

“Masar is always committed to getting the best out of digital printing technology, setting a standard early on with investments in digital printing. This way, the customer can digitally rebuild products from the offset sector and additionally develop in-house digital innovations. Masar responds to the changes in media behavior with its entrance and investments in digital printing. Right now, it is very important for the printer to establish flexible business models. These include personalized advertisements in newspapers, as well as personalized flyers, booklets, and brochures.

They also aim to boost production of book blocks. We want to support them in this, with our digital know-how in hardware and software,” says Christoph Blank, Executive Sales Manager at manroland web systems.

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