Leipzig: Monotype Focuses On Middle East In Typotage Conference

Monotype Arabic type specialist Dr. Nadine Chahine and Jörg Schweinsberg, director of creative professional font development, presented at Leipzig Typotage conference. The one day event held on May 24 focused on writing, typography, graphic design, art, and print production techniques on May 24.

Dr. Nadine Chahines presentation titled Engaging with the Middle East, examined how brands can be successful in communicating visually across cultural boundaries by using typefaces designed to work together. Her talk focused on how to establish dialogue with the Middle East while taking a quick look at design trends and the cultural considerations that one needs to understand.

Jörg Schweinsberg presented Requirements for the Development of Writing and Distribution in an International Context. Demand for a type design that works in cross writing scripts is no longer a rarity for customers with global operations. Schweinsberg discusses the challenges of type design and distribution in international settings and how corporations can make them more sustainable.

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Monotype is a global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise. Based in Woburn, Mass., Monotype provides customers worldwide with typeface solutions for a broad range of creative applications and consumer devices. The company’s libraries and e-commerce sites are home to many of the most widely used typefaces including the Helvetica, Frutiger and Univers families as well as the next generation of type designs.

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