Joseph Sader Re-elected as President of Graphic Arts Syndicate

Lebanese Graphic Arts Syndicate elected six new council members at a recently held election. The newly elected members include Adnan al-Ansari, Nabil Abdul Haq, Imad Aldin Jabri, Elias Melki and Muhammad Waseem Baydoun.

The Council re-elected Joseph Sader as its President, while the other members of the Syndicate include Al Karaki, Bernard Abi Khalil, Eli Raphael, Samer Baino and Abdullah al-Helou. After the election, a meeting was held where tasks were distributed to the elected members. Meanwhile, Imad Jebri was elected as Vice President, Al Karki as Secretary and Bernard Abu Khalil as Secretary of the Fund.

In his speech, Joseph Sader stressed the need to redouble their efforts to overcome the difficult phase that is currently faced by the Lebanese printing and graphic arts industry. He added that the private sector must be provided with tax incentives and other benefits, which will help them to withstand the unfavourable conditions.

He said that in order to maintain Lebanon as the print hub of Middle East, printing press owners and the graphic art community need to put in a lot of effort and sacrifices. He said that they have to face the fierce competition rising from the market and stay updated to retain the position, which Lebanon has created over a period of time.

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