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IISc. Develops 3D Printed Gloves for Stroke Treatment

The Department of Physics at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), Bengaluru, has developed a soft, wearable device made of silicon-based polymer material that is transparent and exploits the fundamental properties of light to sense a patient’s limb or finger movement.

The 3D printed gloves are customizable and can be remotely controlled to open up teleconsultation with physiotherapists.

With stroke being India’s third biggest cause for death and physiotherapy treatments taking days to months for recovery, the new product comes as a boon to those in need. Associate Professor in Department of Physics Aveek Bid says, “We wanted to develop something affordable and available to people at all times at their convenience and something that should be easy to use and provide the desired feedback.”

The Made-in-India device, expected to cost less than ₹1000, has been tested several times with no loss of sensitivity or accuracy, with a patent filed and a hope to launch the device soon in the market. ”The idea behind the device is that you wear something like a glove and the physiotherapist controls the device remotely, making your fingers move, and letting sense hand and finger movements to precisely detect parameters such as pressure, bending angle, and shape,” says Prof. Bid.

Dr. Abhijit Roy, DST-Inspire Faculty, Department of Physics at IISc. Bengaluru and the brain behind the project says, “The device is highly sensitive, enough to respond to the touch of a butterfly.”

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