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IDN Partners With Alwan Color Expertise

Alwan Color Expertise, Color Management and Standardization software vendor, has signed a distribution agreement with the International Distribution Network. Under the terms of the agreement, the International Distribution Network (IDN) will take charge of selling and servicing the Alwan product range in UAE.

Gabriel Habis, CEO of IDN, was excited about the things to come through the collaboration, “Alwan is an innovative enterprise offering superior technologies; a leader in the color management and standardization area. Following an in-depth survey, we believe that Alwan’s product portfolio and technology will fill the need-gap for many publishers and printers in the UAE region who require a simple yet high-quality color management solution. Alwan’s products even ease the process of implementing standardized processes for publishers to get accurate colors in their work every time. We are delighted to be able to add the Alwan product line to our portfolio.”

Elie Khoury, President of Alwan Color Expertise, welcomes IDN as an Alwan partner, “With 30+ years of experience in the prepress industry within the middle-eastern market, IDN is a perfect partner for Alwan. They host an excellent team of in-house specialists who know their clients’ needs. IDN’s founding principles include: foremost quality, service, technology, transparency and commitment. The very foundations Alwan was built on. I strongly believe this partnership shall be a long and successful one.”

Part of the Habis Group holding company, the roots of International Distribution Network SAL (IDN SAL)  operations extend back to 1982. Founded by Gabriel Habis in 1999, IDN SAL has constantly partnered major banks, hospitals, publishing houses and advertising agencies with the best imaging technology products and services to cater to the high degree of specialization of each industry.

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