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Grapholine to Distribute Kodak Packaging Solutions

With trends catching up on the packaging side, Kodak is all set to channel its attention on this booming segment. The recent appointment of Grapholine – as its packaging solutions distributor- is a telling example of their market strategy. With the new partnership in force, Grapholine will be the distributor of Kodak packaging solutions in UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar.

Imran Abdullah CEO and Director, GrapholineME Printer Magazine met up with Irfan Siddique, Manager Sales of Grapholine to discuss more about this partnership.  Irfan talked in detail about the formation of the company and their interest in the Middle East market. “Grapholine is a newly found company and is a part of Grapho Scan Supplies Pvt. Ltd, which is the distributor for Kodak in Pakistan. 

So far, Gulf Commercial group had been handling the packaging and commercial products of Kodak in this region and as part of its new strategies, Kodak invited us to deal with its packaging division.”

Irfan continued, “The agreement entitles us to cover the markets in UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. So far we have installed a FLEXCEL NX system and another installation is under contract process. We will be selling Flexo plates, FLEXCEL NX systems, Flexo proofing solutions, workflow etc.”

Grapho Scan won a gold medal in drupa 2012 and where approached by Kodak for a partnership. Irfan says that their success in Pakistan, despite it being a small market, has prompted Kodak to approach them.

Grapholine is headed by Imran Abdullah, who is the CEO and Director.

Throwing light into the activities of their parent company, Irfan said, “The Company’s head office is located in Lahore, Pakistan and currently has offices in cities like Karachi, Faisalabad and Islamabad. More than 50% of the CtP market share is held by Grapho Scan and they have recorded a huge success in installing FLEXCEL NX systems in the region. They also have an active distribution system in Afghanistan and now want to focus on the Middle East market.” Irfan mentioned that only 10% of the printers in Pakistan use CtP and they still resort to traditional imaging methods.

Irfan added that the company in association with Kodak had organized a packaging seminar on the 28th of November at the Excelsior Ballroom in The H Dubai hotel. He said that the seminar included an in-depth analysis of the Middle East packaging market, and was complemented with success references of the Kodak technology as well as the track record of Grapholine. Kodak also highlighted its FLEXCEL NX system at the seminar by presenting different samples done on the machine.

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