Global Graphics Extends Label and Packaging Line Up for Labelexpo

Global Graphics Software will showcase an extended range of solutions for labels and packaging workflows at Labelexpo on stand 9B17, including two new screening options that rewrite the rule book when it comes to addressing single pass inkjet output quality.   

Chameleon and Chimera are available with the ScreenPro screening engine that can be used in any label and packaging workflow alongside any RIP.  They have been developed from the ground up in response to press manufacturers’ concerns about image quality in single pass inkjet applications.

Chameleon creates a unique dot pattern for each press that blends away physical artefacts such as streaking, mottling and chaining. The speed and complexity with which a chameleon can change its colour in response to a stimulus inspired the product name.  It reflects the rapidity with which the pattern of a screen can be configured to achieve the desired output using Global Graphics’ design tools and software engineering service.

The Chameleon screen is very fast at processing image data and ideal for variable data workflows. Chimera introduces a totally new screening algorithm that offers the best characteristics of tile-based screening and error diffused screening in one screen, significantly improving the output quality because it retains fine detail such as individual strands of hair as well as smooth flat tints in the highlights. 

If you are building a digital front end for your label or packaging press fundamentals will be on show. Fundamentals comprises the essential building blocks you will need to create your custom solution and includes best of breed technology from other vendors including HYBRID Software. It provides an alternative to an Esko workflow for label and packaging presses.

Also highlighted on the Global Graphics stand is the BreakThrough engineering service designed to help press vendors overcome any technical challenges that are preventing product shipment. Press manufacturers can buy blocks of time from Global Graphics Technical Services team that give them access to a unique pool of print scientists and engineers with decades of specialist knowledge exactly when they need them.

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