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Giffin Graphics Celebrates 35 Years Anniversary In Style

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When it comes to regional printing industry Giffin Graphics is a household name. The company recently celebrated its 35 years of success in Yas Island’s Radisson Blu Hotel. More than 240 people which included staff and their families took part in a dazzling ceremony.

The event enjoyed all the warmth of a family reunion, filled with laughter of children, friendly conversations and above all a sense of belonging. Giffin Graphics is not a typical company by any stretch of imagination. Ramzi Kteily the man at the helm of Giffin treats every employee as a part of an extended family.

Many employees have been working with the company for more than 10 years. Some are still with the company after 35 years including THEVARADIYIL IPE NINAN, who is considered one of the most valuable and hard- working employees by Kteily and his peers.

Welcoming the guests Kteily said:

“I am very happy to be with you today on 35th anniversary of Giffin Graphics, I have been with Giffin for the last 35 years and I hope I can stick around for few more years. Giffin has always been a top supplier of offset printing equipment however having a deep knowledge of prevailing trends and evolving graphic technology has helped us to take action and diversify when the demand arises.

I also would like to pay tribute to all members of Giffin Graphics family starting with my longtime partner Mohammad Abdullah Al Dhaheri, who has always been like a son to me.  Although I am old and he is young we complement each other working as a team despite the age barrier. We started 35 years ago with 7 people. Some of them are here tonight including P.B. Hussein our Deputy General Manager. These people have helped shape Giffin Graphics and its legacy since day one. P. B Hussein has been our safety valve since the beginning. If we are successful today is because people who worked with us since the very beginning committed themselves completely to the task at hands.”

The ceremony had all the elements of an unforgettable night including corner for children, raffle draw and magic show. However the major highlight of the night was without a doubt the awards extravaganza when 61 employees who have been working with Giffin for more than 10 years received certificate of appreciation and gold coins as a token of appreciation from a company who is proud of them.

 From a humble beginning in 1978 until present day Giffin Graphics had to face many challenges to be one of the leading graphic arts suppliers in the region. Now the secret behind company’s impressive achievements is out. Dedicated and committed work force headed by a top notch management team.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi Giffin now boasts active branches in Sharjah, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia branch is the youngest member of the family however its performance during 2013 has been remarkable. From its base in Riyadh the branch sold 9 units of Durst wide format printers all over KSA during last year. With the 50% growth, Giffin’s Riyadh branch has already send a clear message that it means business.  

Today with a strong workforce of more than 200 engineers, technicians, sales team and experts in all matters print the company offers a wide range of graphic arts equipment and supplies throughout the region.  Top global brands including KBA, Muller Martini, Agfa, Arjo Wiggins, Durst, and Ricoh have already linked their brands to Giffin’s rich legacy of providing full-service support and advanced technology to the graphic arts community in the region.

Company’s tie up with Durst and Ricoh proved to be a winning formula for all the parties involved. Giffin has already installed more than 40 Durst wide format printers and in a short span of time 10 Ricoh digital printing equipment across the region. 

Strong management team

Giffin’s success has its roots in inspiring leadership, skilled and committed employees and strong management team with the right blend of skills, personalities and connections. Giffin’s top managers who oversee different divisions within the company are actively participating in decision making process.

To hear their personal experiences during their long tenure at the company is yet another testament to the foresight of its founders. Here’s what they have to say:

Najib Awad | Deputy General Manager – Sales

“Giffin Graphics is in a continuous state of growth and progress as evident on all levels. Whether, we look at the products and technology it brings to the market, the engineering and knowledge base to back it up, or whether we evaluate its market share and client relations. It is more than evident, that the clear vision and strategy of Giffin owners, the diligence and proactive style of its senior management, and the loyalty and hard work of its staff are the key drivers in achieving such continuous growth and progress.”

Andreas Zambas | Manager – Service Division

“I have joined Giffin Graphics back in 2003 and have witnessed the expansion of the company going from strength to strength. This is talent Incubator Company, where innovation is encouraged and supported. It’s a big family with each member contributing with ideas for the common good. This is done in a relaxed and constructive atmosphere. This one of the reasons that there is a very low employee turn around. Very proud to be part of such a progressive organization. “

Jaison Jose | Manager – PrePress Division

“I joined Giffin Graphics in November 2005 as Technical Sales for the Paper and Supplies Division. It was a nice experience for me to work with an excellent team where I got the opportunity to utilize all my knowledge and experience. Thereafter I got a chance to work with Machinery Division where I really utilized my application knowledge in Printing possesses  during my path. Presently working as Prepress Division Manager (since 2009) and I am extremely happy to achieve and maintain a good name for Giffin Graphics in the field of Prepress.”

Khaldoun Yahfoufi | Manager – Paper & Supplies

 “Talk about destiny, graduated from the AUB, I started out in Giffin graphics in April 2000 at the stores in Abu Dhabi.  I have gained skills and experience that I have never imagined. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given and look forward to many more years at Giffin with the chance to keep growing within the company. The atmosphere at Giffin is one of cooperation and support, which I think is rare in today’s workplace. I am very fortunate to be just 37, have had the privilege of being promoted to the head of my department since I’ve started, and working for a company that I know I will stay with for years and years to come.”

Alexandre Najem | Manager – Machinery Division

Three decades has already passed since I joined Giffin Graphics. I started as a service engineer and promoted gradually to hold today a key position in a very stable company.  I feel connected to the company and I have been able to give my personal input to help the company grow also I have learned a lot. Giffin recognizes the employees who stand out and are eager to spend many years to come in a company which makes them feel as a member of the big Family. 

The Future Of Print In The Middle East And North Africa To 2018Download the PDF from here

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