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German Company Boosts Capacity By 40% With A BOBST EXPERTCUT 106 In-Line Blanker

By installing a BOBST latest generation EXPERTCUT 106 LER flatbed die-cutter with dynamic in-line blank separation, KÖRTEL & HIEKE GmbH, Hainburg, has boosted production capacity for folding cartons and blister packs by about 40% since the end of 2013.

“Our folder-gluer productivity saw a significant improvement when we installed a BOBST EXPERTFOLD 110 two and a half years ago. The logical consequence of this investment was to replace the non-BOBST die-cutter, which had been installed in 2005, with a new BOBST flat bed die-cutter with integrated blank separation,” says Jörg Körtel, managing partner of the packaging plant which was established in 1958, explaining the background to the latest addition to his equipment. “Die-cutting performance is vastly improved by maximising speed on virtually all orders, but the in-line blank separation of the EXPERTCUT 106 LER also plays a big part.”

KÖRTEL & HIEKE was up and running at full capacity just three weeks after commissioning the machine – something that Jörg Körtel puts down to the expertise of the BOBST instructors: “The help we received in relation to minimising set-up times, especially in the blanking section, and in creating master tools was particularly effective”. He also praises the extremely user-friendly design of the next-generation EXPERTCUT 106 LER with lateral register. This makes for quick turnarounds, not just with repeat orders but also for completely new jobs.

The quick-change concept means that the tools are changed in a very short time. BOBST has introduced various other innovations to further reduce the set-up times for the new EXPERTCUT model. For example, the stripping and separating station has additional controls on the side opposite the operator’s side, as well as new full-sheet delivery functions and improved fine adjustment during tool setup. The highlight on the delivery side is the newly designed non-stop grid with quick-set function. All of the non-stop fingers can be locked and unlocked at the push of a button, with set-up possible without additional tools. To save even more time, the fingers can be positioned while outside the machine and while jobs are running. Last but not least, the delivery point can quickly be reset from single to double cut blanking and changed to full sheet delivery. As Jörg Körtel explains, “this complements our own process perfectly”.

In day-to-day operations, KÖRTEL & HIEKE handles print runs of between 500 and 250,000 sheets, with average print runs of 30,000 sheets making up the lion’s share of production. However, there are days in which up to five job changes take place. Here too, the EXPERTCUT 106 LER delivers supreme performance. For small jobs it is quick to set up. For large jobs it sometimes runs non-stop for days at its full speed of 9,000 sheets per hour.

The EXPERTCUT 106 LER is a highly versatile and supremely reliable flatbed die-cutter that delivers high performance on paper, carton board, heavy solid cardboard, certain plastics and corrugated cardboard, in sizes of up to 760 x 1,060 mm. Whatever the material, the independent Smart Feeder guarantees continuous sheet feeding. The feed table evens out sheet delivery and reduces the number of sheets lost during machine stops.

“With its innovative machines and accompanying service offerings, BOBST gave us an excellent price/performance ratio,” says Jörg Körtel, summarising the investment decision.

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