FTA Announces Print Quality Inspection Training Course

FTA has announced the launch of a second new online course, offering instructor-led training in identifying flexographic print defects visually and with the assistance of a device, as well as how to develop a road map for printed web inspection.

The course, “Flexographic Print Quality Inspection,” is comprised of two 90-minute classes taught by FTA Director of Education Joe Tuccitto. Each class will feature an interactive lecture and live web inspection. Those who attend both classes will receive a certificate of completion.

Classes are taught on specific dates and times through FTA’s Virtual Campus, where thousands of flexographers have earned FIRST Individual Certification over the past decade. The classes and their focuses are:

Visual Flexographic Print Quality Inspection: Learn how to describe the best procedure for inspecting the entire printed web, identify common print defects and what causes them, how to develop an action plan to remedy defects, suggest corrective actions prior to press production, and more (April 5)
Device-Assisted Flexographic Print Quality Inspection: Learn how a spectrodensitometer can be used to monitor and control color during production, verify dot gain with the dot area function, measure and control press slur and doubling, measure and control ink trapping press side, and more (April 12)

“Inspecting print and identifying defects are some of the most important skills any flexographer can have,” said Tuccitto. “We’ll talk about how to inspect. Then, we’ll put what we’re talking about to use and inspect actual print samples. This is a course with active participation, ensuring attendees learn and retain their new skills.”

Registration for each class is $120 for FTA members and $240 for non-members; enrollment in the two-class course is $200 for members and $400 for non-members. To learn more about “Flexographic Print Quality Inspection” and enroll, visit www.flexography.org/training-resources/online-courses/flexographic-print-quality-inspection

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