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Established in 1953 following an agreement between government of Egypt and UN  Al-Nour Palace Braille have always relied on blind workforce to run its daily operation.

Talking to Egyptian newspaper Youm 7 Nabil Mohamed said.”  Nicola Basily, the first manager of the print house, a blind himself made sure to hire blind people to run the print house. Braille, invented in the 17th century by the Frenchman Louis Braille, provided blind people with unlimited, broad prospects for knowledge.”

The printing house was the first to print the Quran in Braille, as well as major reference books. So far al Nour produced  over 150,000 different Braille books, including textbooks for blind students and selected books written by major Arab authors. Mohammad says 61 year old Braille presses are still producing Braille books thanks to the dedication and commitments of blind workers. They always come up with innovative ideas to keep the presses running. All the adjustments and maintenance are done in house.

Since its establishment, the printing house has issued a monthly magazine for children and another one for adults at an annual subscription of five EGP (U.S. $0.7). It also prints an annual calendar and telephone directory.

Mohammad says for children who born blind is easier to learn the Braille language however for people who lose their eyesight later in life learning is more challenging and requires more dedication, passion and eagerness to learn.

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