Fast turnaround platesetting – HDI Flexo 1600

Cron’s HDI Flexo CTP units are available in three size formats: 600 and 900mm for label applications, and 1600mm for general packaging work, and three options to enable users to fine tune production to their print requirements. “S” variants have a maximum resolution of 5080 dpi, while “H” variants have a maximum resolution of 9600 dpi.

The exposure platform, based on Cron’s magnetic linear drive system, has the ability to image accurate and high quality dots from 1-99%, competing with offset quality when printed. All HDI Flexo variants are compatible with all digital photopolymer plates, ablative films and polyester-based letterpress plate.

Cron’s TP46 Series of thermal plate setters also offer optimum flexibility of use. With a maximum plate size of 1160 × 940mm, Cron TP46 products cover the full spectrum of print jobs from B1 to A3+, with full flexibility of plate format down to the minimum of 450 × 370mm. The TP46 models allow users to tune production to their individual resolution and throughput requirements.

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