Fast Print Invests in a Flexo Label Press

Fast Print in Amman, Jordan recently enhanced their label printing capabilities by investing in a four colour narrow web flexo machine – YR-II 4320. Talking to ME Printer about the deal, Adham F. Dabaneh, Deputy Director of Fast Print said, “The machine uses both water and UV based inks, which allows us to offer advanced facilities like printing shrink labels, printing on sandwich wraps, sleeve printing and also printing self-adhesive labels on substrates like white paper, white plastic and transparent plastic stickers.”

Explaining their decision to invest in a flexo label press, Adham said, “Following the high demand from our customers and from the regional market, we decided to focus more on the label side. Another factor was the high competition that we faced on the offset side. With the recent investment, we have taken a step forward in the printing and label industry. There are only a few printers in Jordan, who offer both printing and label facilities.”

Detailing about Fast Print, he said, “We have been in the label business since 2005 and since then we have noticed that the demand for labels are high in this market. We believe that the packaging and label industry will take centre stage in the coming years and that’s the reason why Fast Print has taken the lead by going for a flexo label press.”

Adham said that both offset and label printing are much in demand. “Printing in Jordan is very competitive, especially in the offset sector. Offset printers often compete with each other to enhance their machinery and capabilities, leaving room for label and packaging printers to grow in that void space.”

He added, “At Fast Print we offer full colour printing, up to 6 colours, and our in-house capabilities include shrink and sleeve printing, printing on wrapping paper etc. We also do all kinds of self-adhesive labels, foil printing and other finishing works. The future plan of Fast Print is to become a leading provider for label and packaging products in Jordan. We aim to invest in the coming quarters in advanced technologies and techniques along with improving the capabilities of our label printing division.”

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