European Digital Media Landscape to 2020 Report

The European digital media landscape will have taken on a more certain shape by 2020 as the preferences of consumers dictate trends in advertising and direct marketing and thus the future of paper and print.

Five years ago when the Stationers’ Company produced its first report into the future of paper and print the reaction was one of  incredulity amid criticism for being too pessimistic. The report in fact turned out to be too optimistic.Two leading independent consultancies have now been brought together to provide a unique analysis of the European Digital Media Landscape in Future of Paper 2.

 Martin Glass of paper industry consultants EMGE is collaborating with media industry  specialist Jim Bilton of Wessenden Marketing & Brandlab Research to produce the report which will examine how the digital media landscape will develop and the role that paper and print will play in that development for newspapers, magazines, books, retailing, direct marketing and business communications.

The report will include updating of Future of Paper 1 in the following areas:

The report will address the changes, influences and trends impacting the graphic paper market in Western Europe. The end use sectors analysed include newspapers, magazines, book publishing, advertising and commercial print and business papers and print.
Designed to meet both the needs of busy executives concerned with the key findings and analysts seeking detailed information, the report is presented in two parts.

Part 1: Summary and key findings 

  • Review of the findings of the 2009 report and summary of recent historic trends
  • Key issues and drivers impacting future demand
  • Outlook to 2020 for paper and end uses

Part 2: Detailed Market Analysis and Forecasts

This section contains the detailed analysis used to prepare the report summaries, forecasts and findings. The data tables, charts and commentary cover the subject as follows:

Common Subjects/Drivers: The Influence of Market Drivers

  1. Economics
  2. Demographics
  3. Communications-Advertising-Marketing
  4. Digital Technology
  5. Print Technology


Market Segments: The Outlook for Paper and Print End Use Markets

Publishing: newspapers – national, regional & free magazines – consumer, TV guides, supplements, business to business and business books – hardback/softback, fiction / non-fiction

Other:  advertising and commercial; print – catalogues, direct mail, inserts/flyers,   business documents – office, forms, converting applications

For more information please see flyer here: stationers-flyer.pdf-579.pdf

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