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Esko announces strategy for companies to optimize their nutritional labeling process

Esko has announced a strategy for companies to adapt their packaging in the face of new regulatory compliance regulations on nutritional labeling.The announcement from Esko follows the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declaring that they are introducing a modernized Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods, with compliance required by July 2018. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) has since proposed updated nutritional information for meat and poultry products. Regulators in other countries are taking a similar approach, with new guidelines on communicating nutritional information on packaging announced in Canada and France, with others set to follow.

Depending on the needs of each individual organization and where the target data is stored, Esko has devised three clearly defined solutions. Solution 1 starts with the brand owner; Solution 2 starts with the artwork; and Solution 3 is full system integration. Each organization can choose the solution most suited to its current situation and be confident that they will optimize their nutritional labeling process and create a single source of truth.

In addition, Esko is releasing a unique feature that pulls nutritional fact data from existing packaging files (AI or PDF files) and converts this to a data stream that can be used on any other piece of artwork to automate artwork creation. This capability is expected to result in time savings of up to 70% for customers who have to convert all their tables to comply with the FDA regulations.

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